Internet Marketing Vs Conventional Marketing

In this article I will contrast the differences between the mediums of Internet Marketing, Conventional Marketing and their future together. What I refer to as “Conventional Marketing” are all those things that have been established forms of advertising for the last 50+ years such as; Television, Newspapers, Mailers, Billboards and Radio. What I refer to as “Internet Marketing” are all the new forms of advertising only recently established in the business world such as; Search Engines, Social Networks, Banner Advertisements and Mobile Media. The integration of these two mediums is one of the focuses of this article as well and how they will be interacting over the next few years according to market projections and corporate planning. It is a new and interesting time we are entering that will feature many new services, advertising mediums and great possibilities for your business to see personal return on investment. It is my goal to bring light to a misunderstood change in market shares and effectiveness, as well as to show how both markets are slowly becoming one big conglomerate.

First it was Mail, which was first enacted as an official system all the way back to 2200 BC and perhaps further, the government and major merchants of the times would send mailers to wealthy individuals hoping to obtain donations or customers. Second came Newsprint in the mid 17th century, this was the medium of the day and its inception was much accepted and heralded as no other forms of publication were available other than authoring a book, which was expensive at the time. Next came Billboards as lithography became widespread and again boomed after the creation of the motor vehicle when more and more citizens would use the highways, giving them more exposure. Then you had Radio come triumphantly into the scene, revolutionizing the way people communicated and entertained themselves on a daily basis. Last of the Conventional Marketing types was Television and oh how did television explode the advertising market, entire industries were built around it until now when the average person has 3-4 T.V.s in their home.

Then in the 80’s there came the Internet, it was not anything near the behemoth we know today but it was innovative and highly useful to government and science. The first advertising was Banner Ads and was pioneered by a company that was sub-corp. of Sears and IBM. Today these types of advertising are still effective and widely used by many of the top websites. Then came Search Engines, creating a way to find websites without needing to know a Directory or the direct URL, this opened the door for PPC and SEO creating a multi-billion dollar industry. Social Networks began popping up online and then when Myspace attained millions of users massive ad campaigns were launched targeting those potential clients and created another multi-billion dollar industry. Last with the invention of the Mobile Web and Cell Phone Internet, Mobile Media flourished and now Smart Phones make it more profitable than ever.

Now that I have defined the major markets that each category refers to I would like to discuss the current state of affairs of each of these mediums. Conventional Marketing has seen a HUGE decrease in investment and return on investment with the advent of the Internet, Television is the only one of this demographic that is still growing. The success of Newspapers and Mailers have fallen to drastic all time lows, billboards have become effective only for local products and Radio has nearly gone extinct in some areas of the country. When this decline began each of these industries realized it was get with the times or get off the train, so they began to integrate their services into the Internet, forcing a share of the pie that had been taken away. Radio got Pandora and the other various Internet Radio services, Newspapers began creating digital copies of the daily paper and Mail has been nearly eaten up by the Internets quick and cost effective E-Mail systems. Even Television realized the need to create mediums of its services available online and sites such as Hulu were created. According to the Gallup Polls as of 2011 84% of the American populace had Internet Access in some form within their household. eFrontiers Market Analysis and Projections show that by 2015 Internet Marketing will account for 25% of America’s overall ad spend each year. The various forms of Internet Marketing have proven extremely successful, Banner Ads and Social Networks are moving along strong and many niches have been created allowing marketers to directly reach clients that have shown an intrinsic interest in their products or services. PPC and SEO consist of the majority of marketing dollars online making Search Engine the most invested in and Mobile Media is exploding at the moment as Smart Phones become more prevalent.

It is inevitable, in theory, that over the next two decades they will slowly merge into one multi-media delivery system, most likely in a mode we cannot foresee, as we do not have the technological advancements yet. But what we can foresee is that they will, in majority, become one large Internet based medium. With the merging, it allows for new forms of marketing to develop such as T.V. Banner Ads, Radio PPC Campaigns and Internet Based Digital Billboards. It is a new marketing frontier and if you have not already gotten on-board this is the time. If you are a business that plans on operating in the next decades you need to create websites and advertising campaigns online, you need to follow the changes in the market that are projected and lastly you need to stay open to new technological developments and not turn a blind eye to huge investment possibilities that appear in the next few years.

Internet Marketing gives businesses of any size access to the mass market at an affordable price. Also Internet Marketing focuses on advertising to refined groups of people who are looking for your services whereas conventional focuses on pushing goods or services to as many viewers at once as possible. In this Digital Age we cannot try to cling with the marketing tactics of the past, the world is ever changing and so must we. At the moment Internet Marketing is the frontier, fifty years from now it will be something we can’t comprehend at the moment. Conventional methods should still be a large part of your budget but as the years pass and the markets merge, where will you be if you have no website?

The Various Types of Advantages of Internet Marketing

When it comes to business marketing, internet is the platform that almost every company is targeting. The reason for this is that a huge number of people access the internet, and businesses want to be where people are. Because of this, internet marketing has gained a lot of momentum off late. Just look for a reliable internet marketing firm Toronto and everything from SEO, e-mail campaigns, online auctions, to pay per click advertising schemes will be taken care of without much effort. Here is a detailed note on the advantages you can enjoy with this form of marketing.

Global reach: Internet is not bound by borders and geographical limitations. At a very low cost, companies can reach out to the entire world. The most important fact is that by using the internet, you can actually advertise and make your product accessible to anyone on the planet. You do not need to be physically present there.

Cost effective: Conventional methods of marketing such as print, video, or television are quite expensive and are unable to target a specific audience. This is not the case with internet marketing. It is very cheap compared to the traditional methods. Also, you end up saving on other expenses like traveling, as all you need is internet access to market on the World Wide Web.

24/7 availability: Once you have started a web site, it will be there on the net 24/7, all through the year. Customers can visit it any time they wish to. They can search for your services and even buy product from e-commerce sites whenever they feel like. This is a big improvement from normal business methods, which are not usually available round the clock.

Detailed information to customer: When you opt for print or visual media to market your product, there are certain limitations. You cannot give all the information you want to the customer. When it comes to print marketing, you have to limit the information, as there is the issue of space. In case of television or radio, you are limited by the time given. But in case of online campaigns, you can give detailed information in any way you like.

Covering new markets: Due to reasons such as lack of awareness or lack of knowledge about a particular sector, a particular customer base may remain unnoticed by the seller. Internet marketing can be a great way to access such unexplored customers. Any internet marketing firm Toronto will be able to help you identify and understand the many sections of the society that you may not be able to reach through the conventional marketing methods. Having a presence on the internet allows you to reach out to diverse niches and increase the visibility of your product.

Internet marketing is a relatively new concept, and its full potential is still being realized by companies. If you are among the many companies that are yet tap the power of the internet, you can do so with the help of internet marketing firm Toronto. It is a very competitive world out there, and you should hurry up to make sure that you are not left behind in the race to make your presence felt on the internet.

Intro To Internet Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing, On Line Strategies – Interested?

In this article I am going to give you a brief introduction into IM (Internet Marketing) and try to help you grasp the concept or what it really is. I remember when I started out researching the subject on the internet and there is so much false information out there that I didn’t know what to believe or where to begin. My aim is to put an end to all this miss-information and hopefully get you started on your way to becoming an Internet Marketer.

  • Have you ever wondered about Internet Marketing or Network Marketing??
  • Are you not really sure what it means??…
  • Or how it works??…
  • Allow me to explain…

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is basically promoting and selling products on-line, over the internet. This is also referred to as Network Marketing and it consists of a marketer promoting a product of which he or she will usually have extensive knowledge of.

Some marketers promote products which they don’t know a lot about and for me personally, this is a bad idea. When they are required to answer questions about the product they have chosen to promote, they can’t provide enough information to their customer, which looks unprofessional and they will more than likely lose interest.

Although competition is high in network marketing, most marketers will want to help their competitors rather than try to hinder them, as we realise that the ‘pie’ is big enough for all of us to have a slice and still do very well.

Multi-level marketing (MLM)

Multi-level Marketing is different from standard Internet marketing in the sense that not only does the marketer earn money from products they promote personally, they earn money from sales which other marketers promote, who are in their ‘down-line’ or sales team if you like.

The companies financial growth does not depend entirely on the amount of products sold by one individual but how many people are apart of the company selling products. Basically the individual at the top of the ‘pyramid’ will earn a commission from everyone in his/her down-line.

Popularity Increases Year After Year

In order to rise through the ranks in a company you would usually have to work for that same company for 15-20 years, although it is not as common in recent times. This is thanks to Internet Marketing, people are looking for better ways of earning money or more earning potential and this is one of the main benefits of Internet Marketing.

It is definitely possible to earn a very good living through IM now, and more people are realising this and therefore trying to build a successful on-line business, also a major factor is the desire to be able to choose your workload, ie. working part-time or full-time dependent on family commitments or personal desire.

Most people will work their day job and do network marketing on the side until they have built their business a little and then decide to do it full-time. This is actually how I started and now my IM business has grown sufficiently over the past 6 months and I feel it is stable enough to do full-time.

There are no barriers or limits to what you can earn in this business and this excites a lot of people. Also there is no discrimination or the thought of maybe not having the required qualifications.

  • The risk is low
  • Financial requirement to start is low
  • No stock to store etc.
  • The main investment you need to make is hard work
  • You must be willing to help potential marketers and let them know how much this business can change their lives for the better.

Getting Started In This Business..

Getting started is without doubt the hardest part of Internet Marketing. I looked around the internet for 2 years on and off for internet marketing memberships/courses and was ready to give up a number of times.

I then came across Chris Farrell Membership and liked the look of it, I subscribed to the free weekly newsletter and after a couple of editions I decided to sign up to Chris’ membership and haven’t looked back and you can do this by clicking my link at the bottom of this article.

I’m sure like me, you are tired of miss-information on the internet and marketers making promises they can’t back up. Chris Farrell is not like others, he has backed up everything, literally everything he has promised.

I will be writing an article on Chris Farrell’s membership in the coming days so look out for that as I feel any newcomer to IM will find it invaluable, I can’t stress enough how glad I am that I found this membership as I wouldn’t be as advanced as I am now without it.