The Importance of Internet Marketing Training

The Internet has changed the way business is done. Ecommerce stores continue to see rapid growth as traditional brick and mortar stores bite the dust. It is true that the whole world is gradually making a shift towards buying & selling online. That said, an ecommerce website can succeed only when it is marketed well, and only a well-qualified marketing professional can efficiently market an ecommerce website.

This is why online marketing has assumed serious proportions of late. If you want to be a true-blue Internet marketing professional then you must enroll in an Internet marketing training course, and here’s what such a course involves:

Creative Development: The course will teach you how to creatively plan a website and source content. You’ll learn about website looks, current design trends, how to grab attention, how to test and tweak website until it’s perfect and more. You’ll also understand the essential elements of a website and learn about what should go into an ecommerce website to make it successful.

You’ll figure out networks, web hosts, feeds, payment gateways, terminals and shopping carts. Plus, learn how to write marketing copy and winning calls to action that convert visitors into buyers. Another important thing you’ll learn is how to create a simple and user-friendly interface that takes visitors by the hand and efficiently leads them to the checkout.

Search Engine Secrets: Internet marketing training will help you understand the secrets of search engines, how their algorithm is likely programmed, how their crawlers index a site and how a search engine awards a PageRank to a website. You’ll learn both onsite and offsite SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics that have been tried and tested.

Search Engine Marketing: The course will show you how to perform winning search engine marketing by getting articles written and distributing them to article directories, conducting YouTube (video) marketing, forum posting, blogging, podcasting, and more.

Email Marketing: Contrary to popular opinion, email marketing is not dead. In fact, if email marketing is performed ethically, and without spamming, it has the potential to convert prospects to customers. An Internet marketing training course teaches you how to create an opt-in list and email market to prospects. Learn how to create newsletters and source some free content for visitors.

Social Media Marketing: Social media networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Facebook are where the action is. The course will teach you how to create great business pages, how to maximize fans and leverage social networks for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and promotions.

Other Internet Marketing Tactics: You’ll learn how to conduct Pay-Per-Click campaigns; how to use and leverage Internet marketing tools; how to build and exchange links; how to conduct affiliate marketing; How to buy media for cheap; and more.

Tracking: Finally, you’ll learn tracking. All Internet marketing must produce results and it is only through tracking that results can be analyzed. Internet marketing training will help you analyze who your visitors and what their demographics are and how to twist your website to entice them to buy.

These are the broad course contents of Internet marketing training. Aside from these, you’ll also learn the basics of Internet marketing and how to set measurable goals for a campaign. So, if you want to be known as an Internet marketing guru, now is the time to start your training.

What to Look for in an Internet Marketing Expert?

The success of your websites depends only on the internet marketing methods you are using. You might have a very nice looking and professional website but no visitors or easy methods to find the products and services marketed. When something like this happens, it means you need a steady internet marketing campaign.

Internet marketing is very much similar with web-design, meaning that you don’t need too much experience to perform it, but you need a great observation spirit and steady knowledge. Furthermore, it is essential that you, as an internet marketer, keep yourself on the right track wit everything that’s new in the niche. The methods to market your website are constantly renewing and you are the only one that needs to keep the track. There are many methods to market your own website, but when you have no idea what this is all about, you’ll need to work with a professional.

Work only with competent and trustworthy internet marketing experts.

Don’t go spending tons of money on an internet expert in marketing that might be a huge scam. It’s true that having and internet marketing professional for your website is not something essential, but if you want to start earning money from your website fast and steady, you’ll definitely need to work with someone that is trained in this direction. The internet marketer you hire needs to justify his/her fees and the only way to see their performance is by studying their portfolio and seeing what they have done for other clients like you. You’ll notice how your website evolves in terms of traffic and commissions, soon after your pages have been worked up by the internet marketing expert.

Also, you must be aware of the fact that in SEO there are no guarantees. Due to the fact that everything regarding internet business is about search engines, the entire work based on SEO is at the mercy of the most important search engines, especially Google. There are many internet marketing companies that make huge promises out there; it is best not to go with them because the enthusiastic claims are usually lies, not to mention unprofessional.

What will an internet marketing expert will exactly do?

In a few words, the internet marketing specialist will take a look at your website and see if it’s built like it should, so that is visible for search engines. Furthermore, it will asses how much money you are spending on promotion and where you need to cut down useless expenses. A website that doesn’t appear in the search engines is as good as useless and that’s why SEO services are vital for your website.

SEO and internet marketing is not something simple at all, it requires knowledge, efforts and optimization techniques that aren’t known by everyone. And every website you might own needs all this work to be done. Therefore, looking at the size and type of you market, you’ll need to spend many, many hours online, on each of your websites, doing optimization. Of course that for an expert in domain, this job is much easier and time consuming and this is the reason why hiring someone professional is very important and worth every penny.

10 Worst Internet Marketing Lies

Internet Marketing has become a dirty word. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not that Internet marketing itself is bad.

In fact, anything that is promoted or sold over the Internet can be claimed to have been marketed over the Internet, thus been sold through “Internet Marketing” or “IM.”

But since anyone can anonymously run a business from the Internet, many scams and shady dealings have been run under the guise of ‘Internet marketing.’ Add the fact that the majority of products having to do with IM are “what is the laziest possible way to make money online,” then it’s pretty easy to see how IM earned such a bad rep.

Don’t let that put you off. Legitimate marketing on the Internet is a fantastic way to make money. You can work from home, get clients from anywhere around the world, and often reduce marketing costs… but you have to know what you’re doing.

So to save you (and your bank account) from heartbreak, here’s:

The 10 Worst Lies in Internet Marketing – along with the truth:

1) “I’ll show you how I earned $XX,XXX in just 3 hours!” You’ll commonly see claims like these on sales pages. Sales pages are those long, endless web pages that take about 2 minutes of scrolling till you reach the bottom (annoying – but they do sell). The problem with these claims is they’re half truths.

Often, the marketer will show you how to create, implement, and execute some sort of product launch. After all, good product launches can actually earn marketers 6 figures on the first day alone. What they don’t tell you is that it took them a good 6 months, a few thousand dollars, and endless hours of headaches to set everything up for that payoff.

That’s not to say the money isn’t worth the time – but trust me. Short of prostitution, there is little you can do to earn that kind of dough for only a couple hours of work.

2) “Everyone else is making money online doing practically nothing!” In ‘the real world’, 95% of all small businesses fail within the first 5 years. In the internet, it’s closer to 99%. There’s a huge amount of people all competing for the big bucks. And while there are people who are making thousands of dollars online, I can assure you they had to do a lot of work to get there.

3) “Product X will give you ‘push button riches.'” A lot of newbies fall for this lie. It’s a commonly used lie because peddlers want to sell their junk. The truth is, there is no product in the world that will make money for you on its own.

And if there were, internet marketers wouldn’t sell it online for $49 a pop. However, there are useful products that can give you information that will help you work smarter. But you’ll still have to do the work.

4) “Internet marketing is easier than normal marketing.” The complete opposite is true. Like I stated in point 2, the internet is highly competitive. You have to have a good angle or “unique selling proposition” in order to stand out and make a name (and moolah) for yourself. It also takes a lot of time to build up your reputation… and often you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone in order to see results.

You also have to keep productive and resist the urge to look at cute cat pictures, surf YouTube, or stumble across any of the other thousands of time-wasters online.

5) “Anyone can get rich on the Internet.” To become a millionaire, you need to be dedicated. I mean, you really need to be willing to adapt, sacrifice, and constantly challenge the status quo. You have to learn from failures and build on the successes.

Most people give up after a few weeks. They don’t realize they have to put in months – sometimes years – of effort before they see the fruits of their labor.

And frankly, there’s people who would be much happier letting others worry about blazing the trails so they can walk down the path and enjoy the view. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. Not everyone WANTS to deal with all the headache that goes into running a business, nor can they.

6) “All you need is traffic.” If that was true, you’d find thousands of sites with no content on them. People search for websites to solve a problem. If they land on your site and all they find is garbled fluff and ads, they’ll leave. And never come back.

If you want to truly make money, fill your site with useful content, pictures, interesting facts and information. You will gain readers, and they will want to buy the things you sell.

7) “Good writing/content/articles can be bought for a couple bucks.” Good articles – really good articles – take hours to write. This article took me about 5 1/2 hours to research, write, edit, format, and publish.

Don’t believe me? Go ahead and write up a well-thought-out article. Not rehash- put thought, experience, and value into that article. Then make it interesting.

Internet marketers might tell you that you can buy good content for $5. But trust me – I’ve seen $5 articles. From bad grammar to garbled content, you’d have better results if you shredded up your money and threw it out.

When you find a solid writer, make sure you pay them well – they’ll make your business look awesome.

8 ) “Fake it till you make it.” This is one of the most destructive lies in IM.

Basically, it’s a philosophy that tells people to “Pretend you know what you’re doing until you’re actually successful.” There is a ‘white hat’ method to this lie – have confidence, work hard, and you’ll get there.

Unfortunately, what ends up happening is most newbies lie through their teeth about their qualifications for things like SEO services and writing skills. Then these newbies offer those services to businesses and fail to deliver – because the newbies have no idea what they’re doing in the first place. Which leaves the businesses burned.

It’s like going to a surgeon, laying down on the operating table, only to find out he’s never actually operated before – but he did read a book on it!

Speaking of books…

9) “You should rehash old material and resell it as an ebook.” There’s this false perception that you can slap together an eBook or product, then watch the riches roll in. Don’t try it. Once people see that you’re just in it for the money, you’ve lost potentially loyal customers – forever.

If you have something valuable to share, put thought and time into it, and make your product. Set up a solid site, and hire a freelance copywriter to write up a strong sales page for you. You’ll sell a lot more, and you’ll have many loyal customers.

10) “The most important part of Internet Marketing is to make money.” Never buy from anyone who tells you this. Why? Because it’s the worst lie of all.

If your whole goal in life is to just ‘make money’ then you need to reevaluate yourself. That’s not to say it shouldn’t be one of your goals, but the moment you make it the priority is the moment you start engaging in shady dealings. Your goal should be to bring value to others through your product or service. If you work hard to help others, success will never be too far off.